Here at 121 Websites, We work with you to produce bespoke business platforms to enhance our clients' online presence and professional stature.

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Want an online platform that works for you? We can design and build you a system to your specifications that does what you want it to. From communications platforms, to stock management, to accounting software. All tailor made for your needs. Got something in mind? Get in touch and start bringing your ideas to life!

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Why is social media not enough?

We all know that social media is a must these days and that a huge and growing number of businesses are utilising social media as part of their marketing. So if social media is really so powerful, do you really need a website?

Let's think about a simple scenario. A potential client is looking for your services and is yet to decide who to choose. Will they choose a business who deal with clients solely through social media, or will they choose a business that has a professional website with matching branding? Anyone can set up social media in minutes and try selling a product, but not everyone will have a professional online presence.

Don't get left behind, and give your clients the peace of mind that they are dealing with a professional and established business!

How do you get started?

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
Discuss Your Needs

Firstly, we will find out what you require by listening to the brief and ensure we understand what is required. This is key from the outset of all projects.

Think of a unique idea

After we define the brief from the discussion stage, we can begin to think of ideas that will make your project unique. Remember your competitors are a click away!

Design The Concept

After the wireframes are defined and all functionality is planned we are able to turn those ideas into visuals that will WOW you and your potential site visitors.

You comment we amend

We always find that it is best to discuss the initial visual concept and refine based on your feedback for the best results. Adding extra touches here and there just enhances the design for perfection.

Website Development

Once all the designs have been finalised it is time to get the programming started. At this stage all features and functionality would have been clarified. Our developers use this specification to build the site.

Show it to the world

After intense testing and another round of feedback, we prepare to show the master piece to the world. This is usually done by announcing the site as an e-mail newsletter, or through social media such as facebook or twitter.